The most innovative real estate app on the market today matching people searching for apartments and realtors.



Country: Ukraine

Parklane app helps to improve the real estate customer buying experience. Access to data while on the go and stay connected with everyone in the industry 24/7. You can search for apartments, look for a commercial property to house your business, find a realtor, or look up your current home’s value. Parklane apps combine real estate knowledge and technology in a convenient format that is easy to use.

Android, IOS
3000+ Hours
Agile Methodology

Key functionalities.

  • Select objects for rent or purchase: an apartment, a house, a land plot, commercial objects.
  • View the characteristics and photo gallery of the selected real estate objects.
  • Determine the location of objects on the map.
  • Get acquainted with virtual tours of the most respectable real estate objects, having carried out a 3-D journey through them with the effect of personal presence.
  • Save the objects you like in the “favorites”, with the possibility of their subsequent viewing at any convenient time, even in the absence of an Internet connection.
  • Use the contact information, and in the future contact the specialists of the Academy of Sciences Park Lane to obtain a full range of services: from organizing views of objects to making a deal for renting or buying and selling real estate.

Scope of the project.


App Development





More about.


Parklane was a pioneer in online real estate sales​ and tells users images, prices and 3D virtual tours.

If you are looking to buy or rent a home or apartment, you should definitely download the app to your smartphone. The Parklane app lets you view real estate prices by location on the go and offers filters and search options to zero in on your next home.


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Real Estate Objects

Objects list available for rent or sale with images, square and prize.

Objects on the Map

Objects are placed and grouped on a map allowing users to find objects in the specific area easily.


Menu of categories available in App.


Detailed search with objects’ preferences make it very convenient to find the best match.


You can add any object to Favorites to have quick access.

Object Details

Detailed object information with price conversion to the most popular currencies, images, map and 3D virtual tour.

3D Virtual Tour

Unique feature! Feel real presence at object. Navigate to rooms and take a look around. Save your time!

Object Images

Images of object can be opened full screen, zoomed.

Who benefits from using Parklane app?

Parklane app can help realtors from lead generation, managing listings, streamlining closings, expense tracking, open house management, optimizing marketing campaigns, simplifying transaction management, and much more.

On the other hand it helps people find suitable properties, contact a realtor, set up a house visit, and more.

Technology stack

Objective-C (iPhone)

Swift (iPhone)


Huge amount of objects in database and users search history  make it possible to implement Machine Learning to show a user objects that fit his search and preferences most.


Unique feature 3d Virtual Tours makes possible to visit apartment using your phone and make you feel like real presence.

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