This is a movie and TV for the whole family. In the official app you will find thousands of movies, cartoons, TV shows, hundreds of TV channels, as well as LIVE-broadcast football, concerts and eSports in Full HD quality.



Country: Ukraine

This is a movie and TV for the whole family. In the official app you will find thousands of movies, cartoons, TV shows, hundreds of TV channels, as well as LIVE-broadcast football, concerts and eSports in Full HD quality.

Android, IOS
3000+ Hours
Agile Methodology

Key functionalities.

  • Movie – thousands of films for all tastes from leading Hollywood studios are waiting for you. In order for you to easily find the desired movie, we have added a selection of movies by genre, rating and user preferences.
  • Tv – watch more than 100 rated TV channels, as well as MEGOGO interactive movie channels that broadcast films of different genres around the clock in FullHD-quality and without advertising. And thanks to the TV archive for up to 14 days, not a single important moment of your favorite series or show escapes!
  • Premieres – at MEGOGO, the premieres of world-famous blockbusters appear immediately after they are rolled out in cinemas.
  • Cartoons – we have collected a huge collection of cartoons for your children. Popular animated series “Fixiki”, “Avatar: The Legend of Aange”, “Smeshariki”, “Masha and the Bear”, “The Incredibles” and other childhood cartoons are already waiting for you on MEGOGO!
  • TV shows  – now the iconic series HBO, BBC and Universal will always be at hand. Look at any place convenient for you: “World of the Wild West”, “Game of Thrones”, “Doctor House”, “War and Peace”, “Young Dad”, “Sex and the City” and many others. The MEGOGO app also tells you what series you finished your viewing.
  • MEGOGO LIVE – exclusive live broadcasts of concerts, festivals, sports and eSports events, as well as home standings of MEGOGO are waiting for you. Be in the center of the coolest events without leaving your home!

Scope of the project.






UX/UI design


App Development





More about.


The on-demand video services are becoming more and more popular every year, which is facilitated by the increased speed of the wired and mobile Internet, lower prices for legal content and the banal convenience of such services.

All video streaming services usually have several general requirements:

  • as extensive as possible catalog
  • access on the maximum number of devices
  • low price

There are more specific requests, for example, the convenience of mobile applications, synchronization of information and access to localized products, but the main three requirements remain at the beginning. Let us see how good or bad MEGOGO is in terms of video streaming.

I Need Similar App


Where is MEGOGO available

The service is represented by applications for popular mobile OS (Android, iOS, Windows), and also works on the web. In addition, the resource has applications for popular Smart TV. For TV, MEGOGO has a special offer – movies in 4K resolution, which we have already mentioned above.

Mobile Software

The functionality of programs on iOS and Android is identical, because we consider only the application developed for the iPad.


The catalog interface is standard: when launching the program, the “main” screen is visible, and behind the left side of the interface there is a hamburger menu with other tabs that help refine the query.

In the vast amount of content tabs, such as “Films”, there is a search, distribution of films by categories, as well as basic ordering options – by novelty, popularity and recommended.

The card with each film contains information about the work (description, list of actors, IMDb and “Film Search” scores), and also shows how many users liked or did not like the tape. Present and recommendations “What else to see,” and user reviews. You can also leave comments from the mobile app. You can not only watch movies at once, but also add them to “Watch Later” or share a link to the work.

In the settings, everything is minimalist, the only thing you can pay attention to is the Parental Control item, which allows you to set an age limit for watching a movie and requiring you to enter a password to bypass the ban. It will be extremely useful if you have children who should not watch tapes with age restrictions.

Regarding the age limit, there is one slightly annoying moment – every time I try to go to a movie with a mark of 18+, the program and the website ask if I was 18 years old. In this case, my profile shows the date of birth, and “Parental Control” is disabled.


Video playback window can be called multifunctional and simple at the same time. The usual viewing status is available here, as the slider moves along which the video is rewound, the volume is adjusted, as well as the pause and shift keys between series (if it’s a series). In addition, the control can be switched to gestural – when swiping right and left, rewind will take place in any part of the screen, up and down should be carried out to adjust the volume, two fingers touch for pause and playback, and double touch with one finger scales the picture to full screen .

If you have an iPad with support for the Picture in Picture function, it’s enough to play the Home button during video playback, after which the video player will decrease in size, and you will be able to interact in parallel with other software and watch a TV channel movie, series or video stream.

In addition, the application remembers the place where you left off – if you stop watching in the middle of the movie and close the player, and then the program, after returning to MEGOGO and launching the same tape, playback will continue from the same place where you left off. Unfortunately, the viewing status is not synchronized between different devices.

In the playback settings there is also a video quality slider, which allows you to flexibly approach the flow of traffic when, for example, a mobile connection.

Download MEGOGO for Android , iOS , Windows

Additional features of the service. Audio tracks

One of the main reasons why I have been using MEGOGO for a long time is the presence of localizations in many films. Almost always, the user can access not only the original and Russian tracks, but also Ukrainian, Belarusian, Georgian, and Uzbek voice acting, as well as other languages. The company’s flexibility in this matter is simply amazing – this is probably the only service that pays so much attention to adapting to regional markets.

Problems with hearing and vision

MEGOGO has a special version of the service, designed specifically for children and adults who have problems with hearing and vision. Although you can immediately grab onto the version with subtitles, the company went much further – it launched its own sign language translation studio to adapt children’s cartoons. Thus, MEGOGO helps children who do not have time to read quickly, to get maximum pleasure from cartoons.

Own content

In recent years, the company began to work independently with content, presenting interactive channels to MEGOGO TV, and in June 2016 – releasing a continuation of the legendary “Cossacks” . In the near future we are expected by other projects in the production of which video service will be invested. Something like this makes the popular resource Netflix, and now the Ukrainian company is ready to compete for an audience with exclusive content.

In addition, in the summer of 2016, MEGOGO is testing a new format – online broadcasting from major events. And these are not ordinary TV broadcasts, but something fundamentally new, with the participation of bloggers and flagship smartphones, which we described in more detail in a separate article .

In the future, for sure, we expect other projects, series and experiments

How to save in MEGOGO

If you use the service on different devices, you will notice some discrepancies in price. So, buying movies through a mobile application on iOS may be a little more expensive or cheaper, because Apple does not know about the existence of the hryvnia. Here is a typical example: on the website and in the Android application, the cost is 39 UAH, and on iOS you have to pay $ 2 (about 50 UAH).

But the opposite case – “Survivor” on the site costs from 34 UAH, and in the iOS application the movie will cost from 0.99 dollars (approximately 25 UAH).

In addition, the cost of a subscription in the iOS-application is much higher than when buying on the site. This feature is due to the fact that Apple charges 30% of all in-app purchases from apps, which is why companies often have to set an overpriced subscription cost inside iOS software. Many services, including Spotify, are practicing this way to discourage costs.

In most cases, buying on the site will be more profitable, remember this.


Accessibility on almost all devices, low cost, excellent quality and a diverse catalog – by a combination of factors, MEGOGO, if it does not become the only source of video for you, can at least claim one of the most frequently used resources with similar capabilities.

If you watch exclusively foreign serials, MEGOGO is hardly suitable for you, since it is in this direction that service is weak.

But fans of cinema and classic TV have access to a large amount of content, and in excellent quality, which is especially important in 2016.

Although the catalog will not be able to compete on equal terms with the same iTunes or Google Movies by the number of positions, however, MEGOGO does not limit users with English tracks (as often happens in iTunes) with subtitles in their own language, and flagship films that take place in cinemas with a special pomp, find themselves in MEGOGO at about the same time with large international sites. At the same time, prices in MEGOGO almost always turn out to be lower with the same quality.

By the way, video quality is one of the main reasons (besides the absence of millions of pop-up windows and links, do not understand which sites) to abandon pirated Internet cinemas. Of course, the extreme bit rate like Blu-Ray is not found on any online video service, but the MEGOGO stream is significantly better than almost all the resources that stolen tapes offer to watch. And here you will not find a screen, a terrible translation (if it is not part of the idea of ​​the work) or a sound recorded on the microphone built into the phone.

MEGOGO video service is a classic example of how a Ukrainian company is able not only to offer quality service, but also to carry out expansion in other countries. In this, it is facilitated by the prices adapted to domestic realities, attention to local content and convenient software for viewing all available video.


  • constantly updated catalog
  • operational release of some key innovations
  • wide selection of TV channels
  • advanced applications
  • large selection of audio tracks
  • work on your own content
  • 4K for individual tapes
Technology stack

Continuous Integration (Github + Circle CI + Docker + AWS)

Swift (iPhone)

Java (Android)

Java (Web)


Project is growing rapidly, has more than 5 million active users, can play a significant role in cryptocurrency world.


I watch everything only here! Always great quality.

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