Fitness Point Pro: Home & Gym

Fitness Point is a simple app, to follow your progress at the gym. Everything, that you need!


Fitness Point Pro: Home & Gym

Country: Germany

Create a personal workout or select one of the pre-defined workout plans to get you started right away! We got world-best bodyweight workout generator! Together with professional trainers we developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that can automatically create a bodyweight workout based on your fitness level.

1580 Hours
Agile Methodology

Key functionalities.

  • Over 400 gym exercises with description, animations and trained muscle.
  • Graph to visualize your log data for each exercise (including workload and RM calculator).
  • Body tracker to control your weight and more (with graph).
  • Timer to control precisely your breaks between exercises.
  • Automatic timer start.
  • Log workout time.
  • Calories count.
  • Unlimited number of logs, workouts and custom exercises.
  • Supersets.
  • Export all your logged data as a .csv file.

Scope of the project.


App Development



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Fitness Point Pro is one of the best bodybuilding apps for iPhone and iPad. The best thing about this app is that it comes with over 400 gym exercises, and each exercise is properly explained with text and animation.

It also comes with tons of pre-defined workout, which you can pick depending upon your goals. Also, it comes with over 200 bodyweight exercises which you can perform at home without any equipment.

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Exercise Details

Detailed description with animated images presenting the right way to perform exercise.

Workout Exercises

List of exercises in workout splited by days.

Exercise Timer

Applications has 2 types of exercises: regular and time exercises. Timer will indicate both exercise time and break time.


Show muscles involved for each exercises for front and rear body parts.

Workout Logs

Workout logs saving kg, reps and time. You can switch between regular and time exercises’ logs.

Logs History

History of selected exercise logs for all time.

Exercise logs graph

Displaying exercise logs graph for weight, repeats, workout, date, RM. Support both portrait and landscape screen orientations.


Available extras:

  • – Additional 200 bodyweight exercises.
  • – Free personal workout (for home or gym).
  • – Cloud service to save your data securely.
  • – Never lose your data with automatic upload to cloud.
  • – Synchronize all your devices automatically.
  • – Access to Web-version!
  • – Share workouts with friends.
  • – Trainers can access customer’s data.
  • – Priority email support. Get an answer within 24 hours!

Body Stats

Setup your body profile to enable exercise logs and other useful app features. Body stats are synchronized and saved in iOS Health app.

Workout Settings

Workouts in app are very customizable. Personalize setup for your needs. Make app as comfortable as it can be.


Fitness Point Pro is one of the best bodybuilding apps for iPhone and iPad. The best thing about this app is that it comes with over 400 gym exercises, and each exercise is properly explained with text and animation. Quick navigation on entering logs with swipe gestures. Shop with workout plans created by professional trainers. Create a workout plan with exercises you like.

App has been downloaded 15.000.000+ times. Support Apple Watch.


Technology stack

Objective-C (iPhone)

Swift (iPhone)


Application redesign is coming soon!

  •  Save your data securely in the cloud.
  • Calorie counting.
  • Imperial or metric units.
  • Choose one of 16 different languages.


Just what I was looking for, but wish I could sync. I’ve been using the Pro ($3.99) version without a subscription for about a month now and it is just what I was looking for: a simple clean way to keep track of workouts. You can create your own workouts and then include exercises into those workouts. This version comes with a good selection of exercises and you can add others. It only has one or two preloaded workouts, but more preloaded exercises and workouts are included with a paid subscription. Customer support is great too: I had a question about a feature and the app designer put together and mailed me a short video explaining it. My only complaint is that I would like to sync between my iPad and iPhone, and I think the only way to do that is get iCloud backup and that requires paying for a subscription.


Awesome! I’ve been working out regularly for 9 years now. I’ve tried writing down my work outs and using tons of other apps in efforts to record my progress or simply just remember what I did the previous session. I found this app to work the BEST! I don’t lift with out it and it keeps me on track with my goals. I love how many exercises are available to choose from when you want to mix things up. It’s almost compatible with ANY gym. It works seamlessly with my Apple Watch which is another great feature, although I would suggest allowing Garmin devices to input data into the logs Incase some prefer them for running. I personally couldn’t get my cardio activity from my Fenix 5x transferred into my logs which is a bummer since it has a more accurate heart monitor than my Apple Watch, but I still love the app for lifting!!!


This app is everything! Look I’m not the txt to write reviews but this app truly is something special it’s me keep up with my work outs and it’s also available on the Apple Watch. The only thing I can say wrong is when I update or add new work outs to the Apple sometimes it won’t add it to the app on the phone. However when you are working and completing reps and sets it logs it perfect on the watch and the phone. And it shows how many calories you burnt at the end of your workout bottom line you should definitely get this app.


Great app for me! This app is exactly what I needed. It's a great way to track progress. The app is a great motivator and works great with the watch. It's packed with different exercises to keep work outs interesting. I'm just getting back in to working out and this app solves two issues that I had before. I couldn't track progress and the workouts got boring. Another way the app is helpful for me is that it reminds of some exercises I had long since forgotten about.

Aikson Paynes

Both Functional & Streamlined I've been looking for the right weight training log for a while, and this is the third one I've tried. It also looks like it's going to be the last. It has everything I needs to log their workout, including cardio and stretches. It also has to chart your progress, and both a countdown timer and a set timer. The interface is intuitive, and streamlined, and it makes keeping track of your routines easy. Great purchase.



Over 15.000.000 downloads! Now with Apple Watch support! Health App support!

15 mln+


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