8 Dates

8dates is a marketplace for couples. A slow flow dating app that gives couples amazing things to do.


8 Dates

Country: USA

8dates is designed to slow the dating process down by empowering the couple to control the flow of how the relationship develops. We built this app with one thing in mind; bring chivalry back to dating and create a safe, slow, and fun environment that has one goal, finding the perfect match.

2980 Hours
Agile Methodology

Key functionalities.

  • UX/UI designed by the same developers as Google Maps.
  • Accepted into the Miratech R&D for equity program for startups.
  • Granted Facebook Dating License for advertising.
  • Chat.
  • Video calls.
  • Dates ideas for each 0f 8 dates based on couple interests.
  • App offers different experiences to each newly matched couple.
  • App uses machine learning to know what couples want when they first meet.
  • Affiliate Partners include OpenTable, Eventbrite, and several of other affiliate partners.

Scope of the project.






UX/UI design


App Development





More about.


We believe current dating apps aren’t optimized to help you fall in love, so they leave you alone after the match. 8dates takes over after the match and recommends great date ideas, 8 of them based on your interest. We know it takes more than a swipe to find love. If you can make it to 8, you’ve probably found someone special.

App partners with affiliates to create a dating economy that couples will significantly benefit from. App sends couples to affiliates and then will get paid. Couples have a great night, and app generates revenue; 8dates of fun and 8dates of income.

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Tutorial Screen

On start you go through Tutorial that explains the App goal and the most effective way to interact with it to find a couple.

Interests Screen

On registration You select what are you interested in. It can be changed later in User Profile. The secret to how we monetize the pending relationship is showing profiles with the feature “I’m interested in going to” and getting someone with similar interests.

Profile Screen

On Profile Screen you see person images, places she visited or would like to visit, general data.

It's a Match Screen

This screen is where the Magic begins. Shows each time you match with anyone.

Chat Screen with Date Suggestion

Based on couple interests App suggests several places for a Date. Great UI/UX makes date planning very easy and quick.

Date Details Screen

On this screen you can see date info: images, description, rating, reviews, location on the map.

Call Screen

App uses Twilio for in-App secure calls.

8 Dates Completed Screen

If you can make it to 8, you’ve probably found someone special.

Monetization strategy

Previously, there were only two ways to generate revenue on a dating app; advertising and subscriptions. We created a third, “the dating economy”, which we believe is the first dating marketplace for singles and newly matched couples. When our couples go to restaurants and events, we will get paid.

App will work with a global network of affiliate partners that are ready to welcome our couples for amazing dinners, fun events, concerts, and even get away weekends when you get closer to 8.

Technology stack

Continuous Integration (Github + Circle CI + Docker + AWS)

MVVM Architecture

Swift (iOS)

Twilio integration.

OpenTable, Eventbrite integration.


Android development for the Google Play Market and localization of key markets in the UK and throughout Europe will start shortly.


Built the app using the latest Cloud Infrastructure technology available to ensure we serve up the right date idea at the right time. Partnered with Azure for machine learning for the best possible recommendations.


8dates is inspired by platforms like Amazon and will serve up activities and events that align with users' interests, like Facebook. This smart app will use machine learning to know what couples want when they first meet, and we built the app to deliver just that, a shared interest with someone you find attractive.

Cloud Infrastructure

Machine Learning

Recommendation engines

Creating longer customer relations

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