Helping Medical Startups, deliver great customer service by developing mobile apps.

We have helped increase profits for over 90 companies.

We are experts in:


Medisafe is a free, ad-free application that helps you take your medicines on time according to a doctor’s instructions or prescription.

Tyto is all-in-one remote work tool for teams, with tasks, projects, video and chat.

Neebo Sensor bracelet monitors the child’s breathing, heart rate, and oxygen saturation levels. A temperature sensor notifies parents if their baby is too hot or too cold. The device also records the baby’s sleeping patterns.


Ivan Jenkins, M2North, UK

Ivan Jenkins, M2North, UK

I loved working with Oleg and Time2Mobile. They are talented, wise, logical, intelligent. Their work was always impeccable and solutions pragmatic. They took on an existing project and saw it to completion. I will definitely work with them in the future. Thanks for all your hard work, guys!
Rate: 5 stars.

Joseph Rubin, Aryl, Rubius, USA

Joseph Rubin, Aryl, Rubius, USA

Time2Mobile Team has strong masterful developers with the ability to create any type of app you may desire. I highly recommend them if you are looking to develop a mobile app!
Rate: 5 stars.

Kalyan Kotha, Twilio Video App, USA

Kalyan Kotha, Twilio Video App, USA

Great working with Time2Mobile team. Their quality of work and commitment is impeccable! They have very good knowledge and understand the requirement very well.
Rate: 5 stars.

Justin Lawrence, M2North, UK

Justin Lawrence, M2North, UK

I have no hesitation in recommending Time2Mobile. They are highly skilled, dedicated, loyal, considerate, reliable and easy to work with. They took over a complex project and made it their own. We will definitely use Time2Mobile services in the future.
Rate: 5 stars.

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What are we doing.

  • Consulting

    What software do you need to achieve your goals? We know the best way to achieve them.

  • Mobile Application development.

    Applications development for iOS and Android. Native. Cross-platform.

  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency software development

    Development of B2B and B2C sophisticated solutions, including Blockchain, Machine Learning and Big Data.

  • Design

    Create nice-looking Design to provide the best User-experience.

  • Marketing and Advertising

    32 000 000+ downloads of our apps! We know how to build and promote a product to become successful!

  • Develop Apps for Hardware & Watches.

    Connect any hardware to your mobile app. Develop apps for watches, TV and "smart" house systems.

Our Awards.


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Now is the right time
to create an application!

A person wakes up with a phone, spends the whole day without letting it out of his hands, and falls asleep with it. This is the closest channel for interacting with your target audience! And a great way to increase loyalty to your brand! Be at arm's length from your customers! Push notifications, geolocation, it can all be used to make interaction with your audience simple and very effective.

Order mobile app for Apple iPhone & Google Android and keep in close touch with clients. Push notifications, geolocation make the interaction with your target audience easy and highly effective.







According to statistics, 95% of users read pop-up notifications! This is much higher than e-mail or SMS, and at a much lower cost.

The possibilities of pushing notifications and geolocation are amazing:
  • Notifications about news, promotions.
  • Notification reminders for important events.
  • Notification encouraging the completion and payment of an order
  • Notification when the user has not used the application for a long time.
  • Notification of a special type. For example: a pop-up warning of when a person passes a distance of less than 1 km from your store or visits a competitor.


Ability to make an order directly from the mobile application

Our company in figures.

  • 90+

    Companies we have helped increase profits

  • 96%

    Of projects are completed on time

  • 35+

    Employed professionals

  • 12 years

    We have been engaged in development

  • 32 00-0 000

    Downloads of our applications

  • 100%

    Of completed applications

  • 5 stars

    Rating on Upwork

Key advantages to order
a mobile application from us?

  • Professional turn-key development.
  • We quickly engage
    in the work.
  • We use psychology to create award-winning, chart-topping, customer-pleasing apps.
  • We work for the result.

    Our mission is to reach business
    goals using mobile app.

  • We keep you informed about the work.

    Weekly report on the work done, without any surprises.

  • Provide Marketing, Promotion, App Store optimization.
  • Exceptional rights to the
    mobile application are transferred
    to our customers.
  • We deliver projects on time.

    We work diligently and build an established system, through which we deliver qualitatively completed projects on time.

  • We provide technical support to developed apps.

    Can also take your project on support.

How we work.

  • 01

    Analysis of goals and objectives and research of the specifics of your business.


    What need will the application close? What functions will it have? What do users actually need?

  • 02

    Completion of the development contract.


    Completion of the development contract.

  • 03

    Formation of a Prototype and Terms of Reference.


    When business tasks are clear, we think over various scenarios of user interaction with the application, we design the application architecture and create a map with all application screens and transitions between them.

  • 04

    Development of individual design.


    Proceeding from the task in view, we create a "native" design, focusing on the convenience of using the application.

  • 05

    Programming the application.


    The development of the application is divided into equal stages. At each stage the customer is involved in the process, intermediate assemblies of the application are periodically sent to you for review. We write only native code and do not use cross-platform solutions.

  • 06

    Testing the mobile application.


    Our experts test the application on real devices and check for compliance with TK. All the problems found will be corrected at this stage.

  • 07

    Publish the application to the Apple Store / Google Play.


    After the acceptance by the customer and the signing of the acceptance report, we place the application on the Apple Store and Google Play. Each application is checked by the Apple and Google teams before release, this process takes from one day to a week.

  • 08

    Support of the application. We provide free bug fixing for the application within the first month.


    Support of the application. We provide free bug fixing for the application within the first month.

  • 09

    Analysis of user behaviour of the application. We choose 5 key metrics and analyse them.


    Analysis of user behaviour of the application. We choose 5 key metrics and analyse them.

  • 10

    Application improvements: making it more efficient and more convenient based on user behaviour statistics.


    Application improvements: making it more efficient and more convenient based on user behaviour statistics.

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