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You need to write down why people should bother downloading your app before you even start building it. An app description is an app store optimized product definition. It greatly influences your product’s success.

There are three components of an app’s ‘definition’: its Name, its Description in the marketplace, and Screenshots.There is no one way to write a product definition, but there are some terrible ways to do it. To prevent disaster, we gathered some helpful how-tos specific to each part of the app page on the App Store and Google Play. Let’s look at them first briefly, and then in greater detail.

In Brief

There are currently 1.6 million apps on Google Play and 1.5 million on Apple’s App Store as of 2016. Let those numbers sink in for a while…

You want your customers to find your app through search on the App Store and Google Play. The only way to make this possible is by choosing the right name for your app.

App Name

Your app’s title should reflect two or three of the app’s most significant – and differentiating – features. Limit the title to one hundred characters. You should also
make sure that the title includes keywords. Keywords help people to find your product on the App Store or Google Play Store.


App screenshots

  1. The first 1-3 sentences of an app’s description should describe the main idea of your product. You can make this part more engaging by highlighting the problem that your app solves. These sentences shouldn’t exceed a combined total of 225 characters.
  2. Mention special achievements. Mention if your app has been featured on TechCrunch, has won an award, or if Johnny Depp is talking about it.
  3. The body of the description can include 2-3 paragraphs where you describe characteristics and details.
  4. List several main functions with concise descriptions.
  5. Talk about “What’s new?” Inform customers about bug fixes, color changes in the side menu, or the addition of new features. This should be the final component of your app description.

App screenshots

The first screenshot is the most important. It describes what your app does. If you add text to your screenshots, use verbs. Verbs push people to take action better than any other part of speech. Verbs are your friends.


  • be clear and concise when explaining how your app works and why people need it.
  • use keywords both in the app’s name and in its description.
  • write directly to your user (using you, as opposed to using people, or they, or users).
  • avoid technical details and ambiguous sentences.

App definition in more detail

I. What is your app name? Why do people need it?

There is usually no connection between an app’s name and what is does. As I’m checking the Best New Apps on the App Store, I am passing by CHOMP, Flowstate, Sloth – I have no idea what these names mean.

To make an app’s functionality clear for users – and to improve app visibility – you need to blend an app’s purpose into its name. Your app’s purpose should be boiled down to a keyword that people will use to search for a specific solution on the App Store or Google Play Store. The principle is the same for Google web search. If you type app development company into Google’s search box, you will find Yalantis. This is because our full name is Yalantis: iOS and Android app development company.

Vochi, one of our recent projects, uses the following name in the App Store:

Vochi messaging — Future Delivery

This name not only lets people know what Vochi does, but it also emphasizes its competitive advantage. Let’s see more examples of apps that highlight their unique features in their title:

Shazam — Discover Music, Artists, Videos & Lyrics

Polyvore — Personalized Fashion, Shopping and Style

Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker

Bro: Social Networking, Bromance, and Dating with free live chat for men

Check out our Bro case study here.

You can have as many as 25 characters in the app name. If there are more characters, people won’t see them in the search.


II. How to write an app description

1. Rules

You should consider the following rules to write an app description that sells :

  1. 1) SLAP – Stop. Look. Act. Purchase. Capture the attention of your potential customers by using simple sentences. People are more likely to download an app if they understand exactly how it can make their lives better.
  2. 2) KISS – Keep it simple stupid. Get rid of all words that don’t carry any meaning. Don’t use cliche, buzzwords and jargon. Use real words.
  3. 3) WIIFM – What’s in it for me? What will people get, learn, and feel once they download your app? What’s your app’s value proposition?

You should explain how to use your product from a user’s point of view, as if you were a user yourself.
Writing a great app description is easy. You need to answer only one question.

1. What features does your app offer?

Typical mobile apps have a lot of different functions from registration to terms and conditions. But we don’t need to talk about all these functions in the
app description. It’s enough to point out just a few core features and one killer feature. The killer feature is your value proposition. It can also be your competitive advantage or positioning of your product on the market.

If you position your app as the best notebook, for example, then you should focus on taking notes. If your app can find cheap tours, you should highlight this
in your app description.

Talk about one specific use case rather than every single function that your app offers.

The main feature of our app My Day is a countdown clock with reminders. Other functions include wallpapers, holidays, widgets, color and style settings, and more. We position My Day as a beautiful product and this is its value proposition.

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